Patch Notes For 25 Jan

[Holy Ground War] Cup

[Holy Ground War] S1 Cup is Kicking Off!

1. Cup Date

1) The Cup will start from January 25 - January 31 and will go on for 1 week.

2. Participation Rules

1) [Arena] - [Holy Ground War] new tab added [Cup Mode];
2) Form a team between Monday morning 5:00 AM and Friday night 24:00 PM. Adventurers need to create/join a Cup team, after which the team leader can register the team once all 12 members click to confirm.
3) The registration period is between Friday morning at 5:00 AM and Friday evening at 24:00 PM. The registered teams will be ranked based on the total points of all 12 members in the previous season's 6v6 PvP Rank. The top 32 teams will be able to participate in the competition.
4) After registration is closed, a match will be arranged to confirm the match-up map based on the 6v6 points of the participating teams according to the following matching rules:
*The top 1/4 will be seeded in descending order based on points total (e.g. out of 32 teams, 8 teams will be selected).
*Among the seeded teams, the top 4 teams and bottom 4 teams will be evenly distributed between the left and right sides of the matchup map in no order.
*The remaining teams will be matched randomly.
*The 8 teams who make it to the final round will be matched randomly.

3. Competition Rules

(1) The first round of the competition will start at 20:00 on Saturday night. 15 minutes before the match (19:45-20:00), the team leader must click "Start Matching" to confirm their participation. Any team that does not click "Start Matching" within the 15-minute limit will be considered as forfeiting the match.
(2) Matching is not possible if any of the members were not on the team at the time of registration, any team member is offline, or there are less than 7 people on the team.
3) The tournament is a single-round elimination with 32 teams, and 5 rounds of competition to determine the final champion. The loser of the final round will be the runner-up, and the losers of the semi-final round will be tied for third place.
4) In Cup mode, there are no add-ons such as refine +15, Aeisr Monument, and Guild Blessing, etc. Additional rules are subject to in-game notices.

4. Cup Rewards

1) After the competition is over, all members from the top 16 teams will be able to obtain new skill effects. Once the corresponding item is used, members can go to their transmogrification interface to replace it.
2) The champions and teams placing 2-8, and 9-16 respectively will also receive an exclusive headwear.
3) Headwear rewards for the first season include:
*Champion Back Headwear [Valkyrie's Award - Legend]: wearing attributes: Overall Ability +2, Pen. +5%, M.Pen. +5%, Storage Attribute: Max HP +90
*Nos.2-8 Back Headwear [Valkyrie's Award - Glory]: wearing attributes: Overall Ability +2, Auto Attack +4%, Skill Damage +4%, Storage Attribute: Max HP +60
*Nos.9-16 Back Headwear [Valkyrie's Award - Fearless]: wearing attributes: Overall Ability +1, Pen. +4%, M.Pen. +4%, Storage Attribute: Max HP +60

4) Season 1 skill effect rewards:
*Epiclesis, Sky Breaking Dragon Fist, Photon Cannon, Hell Plant, The Death Awakens, Divine Protection, Tetra Vortex, Earth Field, Poisonous Smoke, Magic Trap, Star Arrows, Severe Rainstorm, Cart Tornado, and Tuna Party.

Content Update

1. Global's new server is still being prepared and can't be entered just yet. We ask that adventurers please wait patiently for the opening on February 24!
2. The BGM for the login page will be replaced with more soothing music.


1. GVG lag optimization: We've addressed the invalid checkpoints in GVG maps as well as the issue of not displaying special effects after a skill is unlocked.
2. Purple and blue-grade headwear can be redeemed with event tokens and can be repaired with exquisite repairing shards. Green-grade headwear can be repaired with rough repairing shards.