This Thanksgiving season, have a jolly game of Hide & Seek with your fellow adventurers as you test your knowledge of Midgard using precious clues to seek out your host. Success at finding your host will win you amazing rewards.

This event is one session: 19 Nov 2000HRS-2200HRS GMT-6

Follow these steps to participate:

1. Join the RO:M Discord Group here:

2. Once you have joined, head to the Hide & Seek Discord room during the above event timings as instructed by the hosts.

3. You must be in the Discord voice chat in this room to qualify. If you are unable to use a mic, you must acknowledge your presence via text chat.

4. On 19 Nov 1900HRS GMT-6. the host will announce in the Hide & Seek Discord room the in-game channel the event will take place in.

5. Once the event begins at 2000HRS GMT-6, the host will give a clue to their location in the Hide & Seek Discord voice chat. 

6. Using this clue, find the host in-game.

7. Once you find the host, join their in-game chatroom. Access to this chatroom will be described by the host in the Hide & Seek Discord chat.  

8. You must enter and stay in the chatroom until the host records winner details and closes the chatroom.

9. To prevent chat flood and disqualification, avoid messaging in the in-game chatroom.

10. Hosts will share screenshot evidence of players who found them in the Hide & Seek Discord chat at the end of each match.

11. Winners will join the prize roulette. A Discord bot will determine which prize you win. 



Time Invitation Voucher

Big Cat Voucher-Feast

Big Cat Voucher I


Notes and T&C

-The hiding locations will be accessible for characters of any level.

-Towns will not be used as hiding locations.

-The host will create a password-protected in-game chatroom, and clue for the password will be presented by the host in the Hide & Seek Discord room during the event.

-Hosts will not entertain DMs for clues and other info. All information will be shared in the Hide & Seek Discord room via voice chat.

-Each player can only win once. After winning, you can still participate but will not qualify for rewards.

-Any player disputes (including lag and delays) regarding this event will not be entertained.