Lucky's Adventure

Ragnarok M: Lucky's Adventure (02/2021-03/2021)


Smash the Porings

Event Date:
Small Wooden Hammer purchase portal:
2/26 5:00 - 3/1 5:00
Small Wooden Hammer return time:
3/1 5:00
Event Details:
1. During the event, the "Smash the Porings" button will appear in the "New Events" button on the game screen. Tap to enter the event screen.
2. When smashing Porings, there will be 8 random little Poring rewards + 1 additional big Poring reward per round. Use up your small wooden hammers to hit the Porings and obtain rewards.
3. If you obtain all of the small Poring rewards in one round, you will automatically receive the big Poring reward from that round.
4. The Smash the Porings event has 4 rounds and each subsequent round must be unlocked to progress further. After receiving all of the rewards in the previous round, the next round will be unlocked automatically.
5. The following conditions apply when using Zeny to purchase the small wooden hammer:
① The page must still have a small Poring which hasn't been smashed;
② Date: 2/1 5:00 - 3/1 5:00;
③ The number of purchased hammers is reset daily.
1. The event is limited to one account. All characters under one account share the same progress.
2. The event will close at 5:00 on March 1

Event

Lucky is a mischievous little beast. One day when his parents went out, he snuck down the mountain to meet his oldest friend "Mia". Everyone loves Mia because she looks so cute.
However, that day the village of Payon fell into crisis and Lucky had no choice but to expose his identity to save the crowd. Ultimately, he was driven out of the village by the villagers...
Event Date:
2/11 - 2/18 (accept task)
2/11 - 2/25 (complete task)
Event Details:
1. During the event period, adventurers with a Base level no lower than level 12 can go to Prontera Square and receive the "Lucky's Adventure" series of quests via the "Bulletin Board".
-There are a total of 5 consecutive quests. You will receive "Friendship Proof" x 1 for each completed quest.
-Complete the 5th day's quest to get an additional limited headdress blueprint "Overnight Riches" × 1.

Phantom Thief of Payon

Payon's forest is full of all sorts of surprises. You never know what cute little thing may be waiting for you up ahead~ You might even see an adorable little monster wearing a doll costume while holding a salted fish stick. Don't be shocked, it's just Doran the cat. He might be up to something~~ Oh no, "Mia" is in danger. Go save her!
Event Date:
2/1 - 2/8 5:00
Event Details:
1. The event starts at 20:00 and ends at 21:00 every day during the event period.
2. You can obtain "Hunting Proof" x 1 if you succeed in the challenge.
3. Rewards are limited to one account and can be obtained 3 times a day.

Summon Materials Lover

Adventurers who have collected "materials" from far and wide are very popular among the Year Beasts~ Lucky is no exception. He showed great interest on the adventurers' materials. Of course, it goes without saying that he will offer his own treasure to exchange with adventurers~ For the Year Beasts, trust is the most important thing!
Event Date:
2/8 - 2/15
The "Shining Gifts" shop will be closed on 2/17
Event Details:
1. During the event, adventurers can go to Prontera Square to find "Lucky" and donate all sorts of materials to him. The materials donated by the adventurers will not have any effect on their rewards (no matter what kind of materials you donate, the rewards obtained in the end will be the same).
2. Donating materials will increase "Lucky's Intimacy". When the Intimacy level reaches 30%, 50%, and 100% respectively, you can unlock "Lucky's Private Collection" purchase permissions.

The Scent of Love

Event Date:
2/14 - 2/18
Event Details:
1. During the event, find Phil, Prontera's God of Love, to enter "The Scent of Love" at the Playhouse of Love.
2. In the Playhouse of Love, players will automatically have a wedding held for them according to their gender!
3. What's more, every wedding ceremony is 50% off during the event!
4. During the event, for a limited time Big Cat Coin Shop will be selling wedding dresses at half price, including: Sakura Wedding Dress, Sakura Suit, Costume·Sacred Wedding Dress, and Costume·Sacred Wedding Suit.
1. You can only participate in "The Scent of Love" at the Playhouse of Love once.
2. After participating in the complete wedding process, you can obtain the exclusive event toy "Love Party".