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RO:M Sing Along with Streamers

Calling all streamers! Host your own Sing-Along event between 29 Dec 2021 - 4 Jan 2022 in which you and your viewers sing along to your favorite tunes on stream, in the spirit of the Christmas Season. If chosen, you have a chance to win 328 BCC or Time Invitation Vouchers, and we'll reserve 10 sets of 90x Time Invitation Vouchers for you to give to your viewers.

-This event is open to all streamers who have at least 500 followers. Your Sing-Along stream must be at least an hour long.

-To participate, fill in this form before 26 Dec 2200HRS GMT-6, and choose a timeslot that you wish to host your own Sing-Along event. Once we review your application, we'll contact you if you're shortlisted with details on the next steps, including reward info and how to run the event.

-We will select 12 great streamers across both SEA, NA and EU regions who participate according to our guidelines to win 328 BCC.

-All other participants who participate according to our guidelines will win 120 Time Invitation Vouchers.

T&C for Streamers

1. Every stream for the event must be at least 1 hour long. Pre-stream teaser or "Streaming starting soon" will not counted in the 1 hour stream time for the streaming event.

2. If your IGN or ID are incorrectly stated during registration, rewards will not be credited and disputes will not be entertained.

3. Upon the conclusion of the event or once winners are announced, rewards will be credited within 14 working days unless otherwise stated.

4. Winners from your livestream event must match the region you are streaming for to qualify for the rewards. Eg, SEA players for SEA streamers, not NA players for SEA streamers.

5. Accounts associated with activities that violate our game policies are subject to disqualification.

6. We reserve the right to change the event mechanics and Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

7. If caught in any dishonest act to gain or provide any unfair advantage, you will be disqualified and banned from future community streaming events.