Known Bugs 09 Jun, 2021


  1. Character missing Issue and Facebook Login issues. Kindly send in an in-game support ticket with your Character details


  1. Wearing Misfortune Flame Dragon Series will cause Doram Class body to disappear
  2. Tracking Materials does not show up in the quest list
  3. Prolonged loading time when switching characters (Resolved on 3rd June)
  4. Blazing Soul Weapon Voucher is missing weapon skin for some classes. 
  5. Operation Blueprint crafting material is still requiring Lightning Chain despite Mission Board have upgraded the reward to Meteoric Chain. 
  6. Wearing Immortal Souls Costume will cause Doram class Hair and Head Accessory to display incorrectly

Intended Behaviour

  1. Sunlight/Moonlight Weapon Exchange Store shows Astral Weapons.

(Sunlight & Moonlight Weapon are sold together with Astral Weapons, scroll down further to exchange for other Weapon Skins)


  1. Game lag/delay during WOE/WOC
  2. Butterfly Wing will teleport players to Academy occasionally when saved on Eclage
  3. Using Chemical Protection Weapon on self and friendly ally is not showing the effect but materials are consumed
  4. Freyr Coin exchange is missing EVA Plugsuit Costume Shard
  5. Photo in Photo Album cannot be send into private chat with teammates