Share Your Guild’s Halloween Photo!

Show us how your Guild celebrates Halloween by snapping an awesome group photo for a chance to win rewards and be featured on our FB page! 

Follow these steps:

-Each guild can only submit one photo. 

-One person, preferably the Guild Leader, must submit the photo on behalf of the Guild.

-Topic title must use this format: <Guild name>, followed by a creative Halloween tagline. Example: ILoveROM - We’re in for a spooky time!

-Submission must include exact guild name (including all special characters), Guild Leader's IGN and Character ID

-Photoshopping is allowed.

-Photos with at least 80% of the Guild’s members have a higher chance to win.

-Only the post that is under this sub-category will qualify:

-To complete your submission, fill up this form:

-BONUS: The 3 photos with the most Forum Likes by 25 Oct 0500HRS GMT-6 will be featured on our official FB page. A submission can be voted for once posted.

Judging Criteria:

Relevance to the theme of the event

Creativity of Forum post

Creativity of Photo

Percentage of participating Guild members

Terms & Conditions

-To qualify for rewards, a player must already be a Guild Member by 18 Oct 0500HRS GMT-6

-Anyone who leaves the Guild before rewards are credited will be disqualified. Rewards will be credited within 21 working days after the event concludes. Any lost rewards as a result of exiting a Guild before rewards are credited will not be entertained. 

-Rewards will be credited to all Guild members who are in the Guild at the time of rewards distribution.

-Event terms are subject to change to maintain fairness.



For Guildmates: 

150 Big Cat Voucher-Feast

100 Star Flower Stamen

10 Fortune Coins

*3 WINNERS with the Most Forum Post Likes (From the above 10 Winners):

Facebook Feature

*Participation rewards: For Guildmates: 

90 Big Cat Voucher-Feast

50 Star Flower Stamen

5 Fortune Coins

*Server-Wide Rewards: 

10 Star Flower Stamen

1 Bloody Dead Branch