Isle of Dreams: Fireworks Show

Event Period:

Sep 3rd, 0500 HRS - Oct 4th, 0500 HRS

Every Friday - Sunday Night at 1900 HRS - 2100 HRS

(Sep 3rd, Sep 4th, Sep 5th

Sep 10th, Sep 11th, Sep 12th

Sep 17th, Sep 18th, Sep 19th

Sep 24th, Sep 25th, Sep 26th

Oct 1st, Oct 2nd, Oct 3rd)

Event Description:

Comodo is holding a grand fireworks show!

Event Details:

1. During the event, adventurers with a Base Level of 12 or higher can claim the event quest between 0500 HRS on Friday and 2359 HRS on Sunday. The quest must be completed before 2359 HRS on Sunday.

2. Each time a quest is completed, players can obtain Comodo Fireworks Gift Box x1.

3. After the fireworks show (from 2030 HRS to 0500 HRS the next day) a mystery item will appear temporarily on the beach. Pick it up and use it to obtain Tao Gunka Branch x1 and obtain Comodo Mysterious Gift Box x1 after getting a kill with the branch.

4. After the event has concluded, the fireworks show will become a permanent fixture on Comodo. It will open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, with 3 15-minute shows at 1920 HRS, 1940 HRS, and 2020 HRS.

5. An exclusive store will be present on the beach during the fireworks event (between 1849 HRS and 2030 HRS), with toys, candy items, and Dream Sticker - Fireworks x1 (limited to 1 per account) available for purchase 3004183

6. An announcement will be given 10 minutes before the fireworks show begins.

Event Rewards:

Comodo Fireworks Gift Box

Comodo Mysterious Gift Box

Dream Sticker - Fireworks