Community Event Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to all community events held on our official channels, which include but are not limited to, Facebook, Forum, Instagram, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, and TapTap.

-At the conclusion of the event or once winners are announced, rewards will be credited within 7 working days unless otherwise stated.

-If your IGN or ID are incorrectly stated, rewards will not be credited and disputes will not be entertained.

-Only accounts that match the region the event is being held in are eligible. For example, specifying an NA account for an event that is held in SEA is disqualifying.

-Accounts associated with activities that violate our game policies are subject to disqualification.

-Disputes of any sort will not be entertained 1 month after the conclusion of the event.

-We reserve the right to change the event mechanics and Terms & Conditions without prior notice.