27 Sep 2021 Patch Notes

(NA) We will be suspending service for maintenance on September 26th, 2100 HRS - September 27th, 0400 HRS, GMT -6. During the maintenance, you will be unable to log in temporarily.


6v6 Season 8 will officially commence on 16 Oct

1. Matches will run from 1800 HRS to 2359 HRS every Saturday for 4 weeks.

2. Redemption Store and Season Settlement Rewards have been updated


Ponape Museum Island

The Opening of Ponape Museum Island's Legend Difficulty

1. Ponape Museum Island's Legend Difficulty will be opened on 28 Sep.

2. Adventurers can only obtain either Brave Difficulty or Legend Difficulty rewards from MVP monsters in the dungeon, including Fortune Coin.

Ponape Museum Island - Legend Difficulty

1. Playing in Legend Difficulty will drop Ancient Gear with a chance to drop headwear, mount, etc.

* Legend Ancient Gears will contain 2 random attributes, the 2nd random attribute is set to [During PVP/GVG, DMG Reduction from other players up to +7.5%.]

2. Legend Difficulty and Brave Difficulty are sharing reward progress.

* Adventurers can only obtain either Brave Difficulty or Legend Difficulty rewards from MVP monsters in the dungeon.

* Fortune Coin rewards are bound by the same limitations.

3. Added Legend Difficulty reward for first clear.

* The first party to clear Legend Difficulty in the server will obtain extra rewards: Corresponding MVP's headwear or mount, as well as unlocking new achievement and title.

* The first guild-party to clear Legend Difficulty in the server will obtain extra rewards: All guild members will obtain Hearth Ash x30 and Fortune Coin x30.

4. Added description for the Legend Difficulty mechanism in the Traveler's Notes.

5. Added Ponape Museum Island Legend Difficulty First Clear Party display to the Glory Monument on the east side of Izlude.

* Only adventurers of the first team to clear Legend Difficulty will be recorded.

* If all the members of the party that cleared the stage belongs to the same guild, it will be recorded separately into the guild leaderboard.

* Guild leaderboard will display the top 3 guilds that achieved the requisite.


Function Adjustment

Adjusted the Enhance / Reinforce functions

1. This update has adjusted the Enhance / Reinforce mechanism, changing "Enhance / Reinforce Equipment" to "Enhance / Reinforce Gear Bar".

* Enhance / Reinforce level limit and consumption is kept as-is.

* When logging in after the update, the system will have the Enhance / Reinforce levels on the equipment removed and all consumed Zeny and Mithril will be returned.

* This includes the Enhanced and Reinforced equipment in the Equipped, Bag, and Storage slots.

* Enhance and Reinforce are one-directional operations and cannot be reverted.

2. The 装备栏 needs to have corresponding equipment equipped before the Attribute Bonus from Enhance / Reinforce can take effect.

3. Attribute Bonus will only take effect on the corresponding equipment slots, as in Atk will only work on physical-based equipment, not M. Atk.

4. After the update, the Restore Enhance/Reinforce function will be removed from Pyrolising Stoves

5. Adjusted Assistant "Enhance Equipment"-related Quest

* Removed the daily quest for enhancing equipment

* Adjusted weekly quests Assistant's Medal of Honor and Kafra Adventure Log Experience rewards to the following specifics.

* Oracle Dungeon - Normal: Assistant's Medal of Honor x80 and Kafra Adventure Log Experience x100 adjusted to Assistant's Medal of Honor x200 and Kafra Adventure Log Experience x150

* Oracle Dungeon - Difficult: Assistant's Medal of Honor x100 and Kafra Adventure Log Experience x100 adjusted to Assistant's Medal of Honor x200 and Kafra Adventure Log Experience x150

* Valhalla Ruins: Assistant's Medal of Honor x100 and Kafra Adventure Log Experience x100 adjusted to Assistant's Medal of Honor x200 and Kafra Adventure Log Experience x150

* Endless Tower: Assistant's Medal of Honor x100 and Kafra Adventure Log Experience x100 adjusted to Assistant's Medal of Honor x200 and Kafra Adventure Log Experience x150


Cloudsea Archipelago

The Ikubiko Workshop building opens on Cloudsea Archipelago

1. Complete the Industrial Aesthetics quest and receive the Field Snail's Workshop quest. Complete the quest to unlock Ikubiko Workshop.

2. The Workshop forges Ancient Gears.

* Begin the Forging process consumes the item Super Screw, purchaseable at Treasure Box.

* Forging creates a piece of Ancient Gear with 1 Random Attribute.

* Each Forging process takes 7 days. Decrease the Forging duration by levelling up the building.

3. Levelling up the building through consuming materials will grant different effects with different directions.

* Workshop can be levelled up into two directions: Fine Production and Rapid Crafting

* Rapid Crafting can reduce the time needed for Forging effectively.

* Fine Production can significantly raise the chance of the equipment containing a high-effect Attribute entry.

4. Added 6 mates and their related sidequests.

5. Cloudsea Archipelago Affinity items adjusted and optimized

* Affinity items for Mates adjusted to unusable outside of Cloudsea Archipelago.

* Using Affinity items in the archipelago will cause the minimap to show the mate's location so it is easier to locate and find the corresponding companions.


Content Update

1. Added Gunslinger class's Guild Artifact.

* Added Pistol and Rifle Gun Guild Artifact

* Rewards for Luina 3 rewards adjusted from Omniscience Grimoire Shard to Aldebaran 3 Artifact Token to redeem Book, Pistol, and Rifle Gun Artifact Shards.

2. Optimized Guild Artifact unlocks

* Removed Guild Artifact quest unlock restrictions. Level 1 Guild Artifacts no longer need an unlocking quest and can be produced directly.

3. Added Drift Bottle quest series to Comodo

* Adventurers with Base Level 150 and above may pick up Drift Bottles at the Comodo Beach.

* The beach of Comodo not only have sea breeze and Beer Penguins, it also holds the Drift Bottles carried over by the waves. Some of them bore hopes, some hid secrets, and some other brought wishes...

4. A new story is unlocked in Comodo's Main Quest, Fantasy Glow.

* Adventurers who had completed the Reviving Calamity quest will automatically receive the Nightmare Revisit quest.

* After their departure from Comodo, the Adventurer once again received news on Neula…………

5. Added new wilderness map Darklight Forest

* Adventurers with a Base Level of 150 and above may travel to Darklight Forest via the upper right corner of the Dream City.

6. Added new Monsters in Guild Dungeon

* MVP: Seed of Yggdrasil, Soul Player, Devil Squid, and Tao Gunka

* Mini: Limunus, Gem Spirit, Bigfoot Lobster, and Ore Spirit

7. Hide other characters' appearances

* Body parts include Costumes, Head, Face, Mouth, Back, and Tail.

* The hide appearance function is only supported in GVG and GVG summit map and would not work other than in specific maps.

* Individual appearances (e.g. Mecha transformation, Little Savior transformation, Homunculus Merge transformation, Disguise Potion, etc.) would not be hidden.

8. Added new Star Runes for job classes: Added one Star Rune for each class. Obtainable through appraising Glittering Rune Stone - Star (Collaboration jobs are not able to use the newest Runes).

9. Added new NPC to Comodo, Pyrolising Stoves and Cat Friend, in order to help adventurers to Restore Equipment and Enchant Item.

10. Through unremitting efforts, Rekenber Co.'s Motorbike can now change size depending on the size of differently shaped adventurers. Dorams rejoice!

11. Added the Instant Activation button to Adventure Handbook. It can activate all currently activatable entries and claim the corresponding rewards.

12. Adjusted Mentor's Potion

* Adjusted the weekly purchase limit of Mentor's Potion using Great Mentor's License in Mentor Shop to 50.

* Cancelled the purchase limit of Mentor's Potion using Big Cat Coin

13. Added Dispatch Mates confirmation function on Cloudsea Archipelago. Added Confirm button on the Dispatch interface after choosing the NPC.

14. Optimized Ponape Museum Island Dungeon Boss: Before engaging in a battle, they are invincible, but as soon as the battle begins, the invincible status is dispelled.

15. Optimized Pet Merchant's list. The following content will be listed under one category each.

* Standard: Standard capturable pets' Favorite Items

* Competitive: 6v6-related pets' Favorite Items

* Events: Events and collaboration pets' Favorite Items

16. Non-mutual Friends no longer can check the other person's Channel through the Friends interface.

17. Added the Average option to FPS Mode.

18. Optimized buttons and displays on the Notification interface.

19. Added Mate sidequests in Cloudsea Archipelago

20. Added Equipment set attributes:

* Wind Wheel Dart + Flame Ring (Flame Feather set): Fire Dmg +10%; Wind Wheel Dart, when Refine is 10 and above, Max SP +10%

* Wind Dart - Venus + Flame Ring (Flame Feather set): Fire Dmg +10%; Wind Dart - Venus, when Refine is 10 and above, Max SP +10%

21. Added One-tap Deposit function in Storage. Choose a particular type of items to deposit that type of items into Storage.

22. Added Redemption Code entry.

* Settings - System tab, added Redeem for Rewards entry point.

* Redemption Codes can be used in-game to redeem rewards directly.

23. Added Gunslinger-specific headwear Wings of the Resistance. Adventurers will obtain the headwear after advancing job to Rebellion/Tyrant.


Content Optimization

1. Combat Damage Display Optimized

* The white single-damage counter is removed in multi-hit damage skills (e.g. Fire Bolt), only the yellow total damage counter is kept.

* Added the options All, Team, and Self to the Settings Damage Data Display Mode

* All: Display all combat-related numbers that are within the screen.

* Team: Only display combat-related numbers of all team members.

* Self: Only display combat-related numbers inflicted by the character (including from Mercenary Cats and pets).

2. Optimized Friends List

* Friends going online/offline will no longer reset the Friends List but instead displaying online status in the respective location when it was accessed.

* Added a Refresh List button

3. Removed guild's daily quests, their corresponding rewards are adjusted to guild contributions, and material contribution will now yield better rewards overall.

4. The decreased drop rate due to difference between Monsters' and adventurers' level can now be found in the Traveler's Notes.

5. Added Wind Wheel Dart skin to the Moon Phases Record weapon series.

6. Optimized the Instant Refine function to assess equipment in the Gear Bar

7. Added the ability to bulk-use Tarot Card Album and Poker Album

8. Added the ability to bulk-use Normal Precision Stone and Expert Precision Stone

9. Optimized the name of the quest series New Apprentice to [Adventure] New apprentice

10. Optimized PVP casual mode's rule on banned item and skill.

* Suitable modes: Desert Wolf, Yoyo, Emperium Arena

* Banned items: Fly Wings, Giant Fly Wings

* Banned skill: Creamy Card - Teleportation

11. Echoing Corridors Optimization

* Maximum refreshes on shops adjusted from 5 times to 99 times

* Changed the Tarot Card of Fate The Hanged Man's effect from "Obtaining a key causes 1 team mate to die" to "Obtaining a key lowers your team mate's Max HP by 50%"

* Removed building structures in the Tarot Room, enlarging combat area.

12. Optimized Dungeon Helper's Function

* Added a Overview interface showing 20 newest request to look for party.

* Optimized the display of party requests: They will now show the number of member and their jobs.

* Added a new One-tap Speak button in Party interface. Team leaders can now quickly request for party in the World channel, and adventurers who click on the message in the World channel will be redirected to the corresponding Dungeon Helper interface.

13. Optimized Quests

* Optimized adventurers' job advancement quests. These quests will now have a unified name.

* The item Rainbow Rubble will now show up in the Wallet interface

14. Optimized auto-pathing algorithm, it will now support auto-teleportation via Kafra Staff after finding path to target location.

15. Optimized some items that are yet to be usable. The description of the unlocking prerequisite will be added to those items.

16. In PVP maps, unrelated Floating Boxes from the system (such as Exchange trade information) will be suppressed.

17. Optimized Morroc Trade Fleet Dye Scholar

* Renamed Morroc Trade Fleet Dye Scholar to Fusing Elder.

* Moved Fusing Elder's location from Morroc to Prontera.

* Added functional marker on top of the Fusing Elder's head.

* Added the craft function for supported items.

* Added the function to craft Mastela Fruit; Mitt will no longer be able to craft it.

18. Optimized Guild territory to open the 6v6 interface. It will now support matchmaking and entering corresponding dungeons.

19. Ninjas will now be able to use the weapon skin Sacred Relics of Rainbow - Sword.


Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where offhand Ancient Gear Ancient Gold Coin, Pardon Money, and Sins of the Living were given the wrong item type.

2. Fixed an issue where Knights' skill Sink or Swim still maintains the original M. Atk when using the skill after switching equipment

3. Fixed an issue where Enchant entries that exceed the upper limit can be transferred during an Enchanting Transfer. After the repair, the entries exceeding the upper limit will max out at the upper limit.

4. Fixed the issue of when Svartalf Normal Dust and Svartalf Elf Dust were stored, the Remold function can see the stored amount but could not initiate the Remold process.

5. Fixed an issue where after being locked onto by a monster, invisibility would not eliminate the lock-on and would still be chased by the monster

6. Fixed an issue where after equipping the Fate Divination Rune, Tarot Card of Fate would fail to be cast.

7. Fixed an issue where there's a chance of Soul Hunting Pact - Star Rune not activating when using repeatedly.

8. Fixed an issue where there's a chance that the Pious Sin Rune doesn't activate.

9. Fixed an issue where the Faith Pray skill is maxed out but the skill description still showed there is a next level.

10. Fixed an issue where Gunslingers' multi-class unlock attribute is abnormal.

11. Fixed the issue where players got stuck at the quest Ayrui's Gift.

12. Fixed the issue where players got stuck at the quest Sad Reunion.

13. Fixed the issue where players got stuck at the quest Reunion in Narrow Lane.

14. Fixed an issue with Eclage's Mercury Palace and Moon Lake's Palace Main Hall displaying the wrong teleportation marker.

15. Fixed an issue where the display for zeny deduction was delayed after Refine Transfer succeeded.

16. Fixed an issue where the "Block pet only" display function fails in the animation.

17. Fixed an issue where the quest Battle of Morroc cannot be completed after relogging in midway.

18. Fixed an issue where Brooke can't allocate skill point.

19. Fix an issue where some Mentors failed to click to Enroll student.

20. Fix an issue where the auto-pathing function cannot be used with Kafra Teleport in Orc Village

21. Fix an issue where the Gunslingers costumes are rendered abnormally when on a mount.

22. Fixed the issue where male Dorams' proposal action is abnormal.

23. Fix an issue that female adventurers wear the male Star Cup Knight costume series in Adventure Handbook by default.

24. Fixed an issue where the Guild Artifact grade probability is incorrect in the Guild Artifact allocation interface.

25. Fixed an issue where the maximum value of the temporary bag is still displayed in red after the extra items due to reaching the upper limit in the temporary bag is sold.

26. Fixed an issue where creating Ancient Relics would be disabled when Ancient Relic Backpack is full.

27. Fixed an issue where some lower tiered equipment lacks description in the Adventure Handbook.

Fixed an issue where Mithril and Zeny were not returned after participating in the Furnace Smelt event. Relevant items will be compensated uniformly in the follow-up, please wait patiently

29. Fixed an issue where unequipped or broken equipment did not trigger a notification.

30. Fixed an issue where the Arm Armor item type is incorrect.

31. Fixed the problem where Gunslingers' Potent Hormone Rune was abnormal, causing Adrenaline to be continuous in effect.

32. Fixed an issue where Gunslingers' Reload skill was not saved after saving the skill.

33. Fixed an issue where Hunters cannot see hidden team mates even after using Shadow Tracking Rune.

34. Fixed an issue where Tao Gunka's DEF is not lowered after using the skill Fallen Stone.

35. Fixed an issue where Devil Squid's skill Raging Wave does not target its tentacles.

36. Fixed an issue where clicking the Go button on Magaleta's Dream Main Quest does not trigger anything in the Quest Manual.

37. Fixed an issue where some achievements were not able to be clicked.

38. Fixed an issue where completing the Float quest doesn't unlock corresponding achievements.

39. Fixed an issue where the player is stuck in the Enter the Sealed Room quest.

40. Fixed an issue where the main quest of Luoyang, Monster in Rift, does not have any NPC.

41. Fixed an issue where the Jumping Mushroom in Time Garden is unusable.

42. Fixed an issue of NPC disappearing in the Birthplace of God quest.

43. Fixed an issue where the Quest Manual is displaying red dots abnormally.

44. Fixed an issue where parts of some Side Quests are not completed after using any Memory Potions.

45. Fixed an issue where some adventurers returned to a map that's not the saved city after using Butterfly Wings.

46. Fixed an issue where adventurers' pet backpack doesn't show the entire list of their Pet Eggs.

47. Fixed an issue where the Spell Crit damage counter displays abnormally.

48. Fixed an issue where the description for Inferno Pistol is incorrect.

49. Fixed an issue where Gunslingers' Blazing Soul Weapons were missing the visual effect.

50. Fixed an issue where running while holding hand caused the movements to look abnormal.

51. Fixed an issue where pet dialogues were displayed abnormally after Highwind Owl was successfully refined.

52. Fixed an issue where the text of undeposited and unactivated headwears were in a different color.

53. Fixed an issue where the Take button was missing when choosing the Card tab after scrolling through the Furniture tab in the Adventure Handbook.

54. Fixed an issue where the Dalala Avatar was displayed abnormally after wearing some headwear.

55. Fixed an issue where the Glast Heim/Lighthalzen Rift Dungeons were displayed abnormally on the minimap.

56. Fixed an issue where changing into wedding dress while riding on a mount will cause the display to appear abnormal.

57. Fixed an issue where using the toy Kitty Sofa Chair for the first time will fail.

58. Fixed an issue where Rough Repairing Shard does not work on Star Stealer.

59. Fixed an issue where some adventurers' save point became Morroc. Those who encountered the problem should reset their save points.

60. Fixed an issue where the Atmosphere NPC's dialogue display in Dream City is incorrect.

61. Fixed an issue where some of the adventurers were stuck in the August check-in event.

62. Fixed an issue where newly recharged credit was used first in transaction. Adventurers who used their new credits as their old credits expire between 30 Jun, 0500 HRS - 7 Jul, 0500 HRS will receive compensation, please be patient.

63. Fixed an issue where the red dots on Bag and More did not disappear.

64. Fixed an issue where adventures who chose Gunslinger as the starting job were missing the 1.0 Main Quest guide.

65. Attempted fixing an issue where the Assassin's skill Soul Depravity have a chance of not recovering soul after usage.

66. Fixed an issue where Priests' skill Faith Pray had abnormal casting time.

67. Fixed an issue where Knights' Fortitude rune need to be reequipped before the crit was able to be triggered by the buffs they had.

68. Fixed an issue where the skill Meow Crowd does not trigger bonus HP after teaming up.

69. Fixed an issue where putting Alchemist's Resurrect Homunculus skill in the auto-skill bar will cause the skill to be continually cast after summoning homunculus.

70. Fixed an issue where the description of Horrorbones Battlegear and Witch's Feast were incorrect.

71. Fixed an issue where the Deathcat Armor's Stun Resist was behaving weirdly.

72. Fixed an issue where some jobs are not able to equip Epic Spirit Beacons - Shield.

73. Fixed an issue where the MVP monster Tao Gunka has a chance of not using any skills.

74. Fixed an issue where the Revenant MVP Dark Lord shows up at the MVP board as Detarderous

75. Fixed an issue where the drops from Revenant MVP Monsters Orc Lord and Dark Lord were abnormal.

76. Fixed an issue where the July event quest Hidden in Darkness has an incorrect navigation.

77. Fixed an issue where the Maplewood Phantom quest was unable to proceed.

78. Fixed an issue where the item display on the item bar doesn't gray out after the item ran out.

79. Fixed an issue where skills in the auto skill slot do not gray out or be cleared out after having skills reset.

80. Fixed an issue where the location was changed after interacting with the recliner in Comodo.

81. Fixed an issue where the Doram character model was abnormal after using Dreamy Disguise Potion.

82. Fixed an issue where the meal attributes were not displayed.

83. Fixed an issue where players are not able to pick up quest items in the main quests Dawn's Tear and Star's Accomplice.

84. Fixed an issue where using the pet item Mini Cask Beer will not result in capturing the pet. After the fix, the item can only be gifted to Beer Penguin, which will be unlocked in a later quest. All adventurers who had used the item in the period will be compensated within 7 days, please be patient.

85. Fixed an issue where some quests cannot be received on the Cloudsea Archipelago.

86. Fixed an issue with the hidden status malfunctioning in the Echoing Corridor.

87. Fixed an issue where Sweet Dream Field and Frosting Valley NPCs can use storage.

88. Fixed an issue where the Asura Strike's damage reduction ignoring effect did not work against Steel Body.

89. Fixed an issue where Gunslingers' attack animation was abnormal after donning Daimyo Samurai costume series.

90. Fixed an issue where an Assassin who died of Soul Depravity in Holy Ground War will die once more after being revived.

91. Fixed an issue where Spirit Whisperer's recommended equipment is incorrectly displayed.

92. Fixed an issue where in the first stage of Comodo's main quest, Mrs. Maggie did not show up.

93. Fixed an issue where the Seed of Doom effect was not removed in the Oracle Dungeon when the dungeon resets.

94. Fixed an issue where the quest Maplewood Phantom could not progress.

95. Fixed an issue where the quest Tree and Warrior could not progress

96. Fixed an issue where the portal between Sewer 2F and Prontera balcony was missing

97. Fixed an issue where the description display of chapter 3 in Quest Manual - Version Goal - 2.0 was abnormal.

98. Fixed an issue where the character model appears dark and gray when using Toy Chair in Manor.

99. Fixed an issue where the text in New content of the version was out of bounds.

100. Fixed an issue where animation in the main quest, Sweet Dream Field, was still playing in Chinese voiceover even after switching to Japanese voiceover.

101. Fixed an issue where the acquisition method of equipment obtained with Robe Series Costume Voucher that can be put on Exchange was incorrect.

102. Fixed an issue where the Home Phonograph's animation stopped working and does not play CDs.

103. Fixed an issue where Mercenary Cats' HP bar have a chance of displaying abnormally.

104. Fixed an issue where the visual effects did not disappear after Po defeated a monster with Kitty Wave Qigong

105. Fixed an issue where Eclage furniture series did not have an acquisition method.

106. Fixed an issue where characters in Lighthalzen Plains may appear underground.

107. Fixed an issue where there's a chance of Book of Yimir does not save the equipped Ancient Relic state.

108. Fixed an issue where damage from other players will still appear even if it was set to Self in the settings.