27Jul 2021 Patch Notes

Maintenance Time: 27 July 2021, 2300 HRS - 28 July 2021, 0400 HRS (GMT -6)

(NA) We will be suspending the server for maintenance on July 27th, 2300 HRS - July 28th, 0400 HRS, GMT -6. You will not be able to access the game during the maintenance period.

========Holy Ground War========

Holy Ground War [Season Mode] Season 3 Commencement

1. Method of Participation

- [Arena] - [Holy Ground War] Season Mode will commence. After forming a 12-person team at level 100 and above, the leader can perform matching operations. When the team member is insufficient, the system will randomly match other players to form a 12-person team

- The 3rd season of [Holy Ground War] will commence on August 16th and will last for 3 weeks until September 5th. Season Mode matching will be available every Saturday from 1800 HRS to 2200 HRS.

2. Obtain [Bishop's Emblem] by achieving the corresponding mission objective in the dungeon, each account can obtain a weekly limit of 80, which can be redeemed for the following:

- Costumes [Robe Series Costume Voucher], [Beast Doll Series Costume Voucher]

- Back Headwear [March of the Saints]

- Tail Headwear [Moral Shorthand Spirit]

- Headwear [Pope’s Crown [1]]

- Extract Light Crystal, Glittering Rune Stone - Star, Glittering Rune Stone, Praying Card Pack, Mora Coin

3. The [Casual Mode] is permanently open to be used for practice and familiarization. The rules and rewards of the [Tournament Mode] will be announced separately before it commences.

========Content Update========

1. AoE-type Buff Optimization

- Optimized the situation where using multiple skills targetting an area will cause the skill to be delayed due to each skill being an AoE skill and overloading the target processing.

2. GVG Safe Area Buff

- Optimized the timing of GVG's Safe Zone Invulnerability Buff being applied to characters to avoid the characters being hit right as they entered the Safe Zone