17 Jan, 2022 Patch Notes
17 Jan, 2022 Patch Notes

This month's patch features new Apocalypse Boss creatures to really, really test your mettle against, a new 6v6 Season, along with bug fixes and adjustments. Get the patch notes here:

Roaring Spring Limited edition costumes at 10x rate 16 Jan - 16 Feb

The new year roars into action like an apex predator that's been stalking its prey for the longest time, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal itself! Usher in Lunar New Year 2022 with the Roaring Spring costume gacha now. Details here:

Anniversary of Heroes

It's RO:M's third anniversary! Celebrate the past, present, and future in the ever evolving world of Midgard as new companions, rewards, and adventures join you as we march into the future with eternal love in our hearts and undeterred resolve in our stride.

Echoes of the Abyss Jan exclusive headwear gacha 1 Jan - 1 Feb

Within the deep recesses of the infinite, a realm of imps and demons claw their way to the surface to unleash their brand of devilry once more. Don the wardrobe of an imp hunter in the Echoes of the Abyss headwear gacha and push them back where they belong.

Big Cat Royal Celebration

Christmas Festival

Event Period:

24 Dec 0500 HRS - 31 Dec 0500 HRS


Event Details:

During the event, Christmas Cookie and Green Christmas Cookie will appear at Prontera South Gate.

Adventurers can defeat Christmas Cookie and Green Christmas Cookie to obtain Christmas Gingerbread x1.


Christmas Gingerbread

Account-limited item, maximum daily obtainable number: 100 (drop rate will change depending on the item in use), the item will be recycled at 7 Jan 0500 HRS

#This event consumes Combat Time, drop rate is not affected by Combat Time.

Event Rewards:

Christmas Gingerbread

Sing-Along With The Streamers

Join our unique and festive Sing-Along event for an opportunity to win BCC for yourself, and Time Invitation Vouchers for your viewers.

20 Dec, 2021 Patch Notes

The coming weeks are brimming with tons of festivities, what with RO:M's 3rd anniversary as well as Christmas lined up. Gear up for much celebratory ado and an abundance of rewards, all awaiting you on the other side. For more details, check here:

Joyous Tidings Limited Edition Costumes at 10x rate 16 Dec - 16 Jan

On the back of troubled times, Joyous Tidings arrive on a cosmic reindeer sled, with all new Holiday outfits and gear to usher in a promising new year. Get the details of this month's costume gacha here:

Notice: Channel Merging

Dear Adventurers,

Several channels in the Eternal Love and Destiny's Promise server will be merged following the next end-December maintenance session in order to enhance everyone's gaming experience. Some of you may find this inconveniencing, so we'll be sending out a compensation reward to everyone as a show of our thanks for your kind understanding.

Global Adventure Live Special


On 11 Dec 0500HRS GMT-6, the RO:M Global Adventure Live Special will be streamed right here on Facebook! Meet the devs for the first time in this live extravaganza, which will review the epic journey of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love throughout 2021, from RO 2.0 to the Isle of Dreams, and will feature members of the RO:M community and their works.

Very importantly, it will contain a glimpse at what lies ahead in 2022 for RO:M. You don't want to miss this first look, so mark your calendars for the RO:M Global Adventure Live Special!

The Night Before Christmas Dec Exclusive Headwear Gacha 1 Dec - 1 Jan

The night before Christmas is a wondrous time for adventurers of all ages, and to usher in the occasion, a host of festive treats, gifts, friends and ornaments have arrived to decorate yourself with. Details here:

Snow Tale

Bring the joy and wonder of Christmas to Comodo in this month's event series, Snow Tale. Learn all the details here:


Thanks to all who participated in the Hide & Seek Thanksgiving event. Below is a full list of winners who won from a prize pool of BCC, Big Cat Vouchers and Time Invitation Vouchers.

22 Nov, 2021 Patch Notes

22 Nov Patch Notes Update

Dear Adventurers, many players had expressed their concern over the merging of channels, and the affected WOC due to Sunday maintenance. We would like to address them with the following changes:1. The plan to merge the channels for Global servers will be shelved due to strong concerns from the community.
2. The maintenance timing is now rescheduled to 22 Nov, 0000 HRS - 22 Nov, 0900 HRS (GMT -6) instead for all players to participate in the WOC event on Sunday.Once again, thank you for your insightful comments.If you are having any other issues or feedback, please send them to our in-game Customer Service by tapping on [More] > [Settings] > [Fourth Tab] > [Support] and we will assist you as soon as possible. Thank you for your love and support!

RO:M Operations Team


Christmas is approaching, adventurers! it's time to get festive, and also to gear up for the upcoming Holy Ground War Tournament happening next month. For more details, check the notes here:



This Thanksgiving season, have a jolly game of Hide & Seek with your fellow adventurers as you test your knowledge of Midgard using precious clues to seek out your host. Success at finding your host will win you amazing rewards.

This event is one session: 19 Nov 2000HRS-2200HRS GMT-6

Halloween Fantasia 16 Nov - 16 Dec Limited edition costumes at 10x rate

Psst, Halloween's not over just yet! In Midgard, we love celebrating all things pumpkin-licious and spooky, so indulge in our Halloween Fantasia costume gacha this month, available 16 Nov - 16 Dec. Check the deets here:

Community Event Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to all community events held on our official channels, which include but are not limited to, Facebook, Forum, Instagram, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, and TapTap.

-At the conclusion of the event or once winners are announced, rewards will be credited within 7 working days unless otherwise stated.

-If your IGN or ID are incorrectly stated, rewards will not be credited and disputes will not be entertained.

-Only accounts that match the region the event is being held in are eligible. For example, specifying an NA account for an event that is held in SEA is disqualifying.

-Accounts associated with activities that violate our game policies are subject to disqualification.

-Disputes of any sort will not be entertained 1 month after the conclusion of the event.

-We reserve the right to change the event mechanics and Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

ThanksgivingFest: Gachathanks

ThanksgivingFest begins today! To sweeten the rewards even more, enter the code GACHATHANKS at this site from 10-17 Nov to claim Big Cat Voucher.I x30 and Big Cat Voucher.Feast x30! Only one character per account can claim these rewards.


UPDATE: Double rewards for Oracle Dungeon and Endless Tower will be extended until 22 Nov 0500HRS GMT-6.

As we approach Thanksgiving, we give thanks to you, adventurers of Midgard, for your eternal love of all things RO:M. To show our thanks, we're kicking off ThanksgivingFest, where you can get double rewards from Guild Donations, Oracle Dungeon and Endless Tower, and bonus rewards for completing Mission Board Quests! Start the festivities on 10 Nov.

6v6 S8 and 12v12 S4 Update

Dear Adventurers, the reported issue where 【Stellar Hunters could not see opponents on the maps】 was fixed on 4 Nov. The new dates for 6v6 Season 8 and 12v12 Season 4 are now rescheduled as follows:

1. 6v6 Season 8 Week 3 (13 Nov) and Week 4 (20 Nov)
2. 12v12 Season 4 Week 1 (27 Nov), Week 2 (4 Dec), Week 3 (11 Dec), and Cup Tournament (18 Dec)
All the best for your 6v6 and upcoming 12v12.

5 Nov 2021 Emergency Maintenance

Dear adventurers:
In order to provide you with a better gaming environment, we will perform an emergency server shut down for maintenance purposes on November 5th 00:00-02:00 (GMT-6). During the maintenance period, you will temporarily be unable to play the game. After the maintenance is completed, we will issue server suspension compensation to all adventurers within 24 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Notice: 6v6 Season Delay

The 6v6 Season 8 Week 3 (30 Oct) and Week 4 (6 Nov) will be rescheduled to future dates due to a reported issue where Stellar Hunters could not see opponents on the maps. We will keep you updated on the new dates and thank you for your understanding.

Popcorn Carnival

Happy Halloween, adventurers. Trick or treat in safety and maybe steer clear of evil spirits...

Draconian Times Nov exclusive headwear Gacha 1 Nov - 1 Dec

In a long-forgotten age when dragons ruled the earth, a special cadre of dragon hunters were dispatched to hunt them to extinction. Honor these events of days gone past with the Draconian Times headwear gacha.

25 Oct 2021 Patch Notes

25 Oct 2021 NA Service Suspension Maintenance (24 Oct, 2100 HRS - 25 Oct, 0400 HRS, GMT-6)

(NA) We will be suspending service for maintenance on 24 Oct, 2100 HRS - 25 Oct, 0400 HRS, GMT-6. During the maintenance, you will be unable to log in temporarily.

Share Your Guild’s Halloween Photo!

Show us how your Guild celebrates Halloween by snapping an awesome group photo for a chance to win rewards and be featured on our FB page! 

Fun in the Foliage 16 Oct - 16 Nov Limited edition costumes at 10x rate

The weather's a-changin' and the leaves are a-fallin', quietly ushering the first breath of autumn to us all. Celebrate this period with our Fun in the Foliage costume gacha at limited 10x rate, available 16 Oct - 16 Nov. Get the details here:

Isle of Dreams Events

Get the lowdown on Isle of Dreams in-game events, where fantastical adventures and rewards await as you explore Comodo.

Golden Feast Festival

Cook up a storm that'll warm your belly as the heat of the summer fades away and the cooling grip of Fall descends in the Golden Feast Festival. Check out all event details here.

Halloween Carnival Oct exclusive headwear gacha 1 Oct - 1 Nov

Halloween's the time to spook or be spooked, to get creative with pumpkin decor, and collect as many sweeties as you can! Get spooky this month with our Halloween exclusive headwear gacha, available 1 Oct - 1 Nov! Check for more details here:

27 Sep 2021 Patch Notes

Update 27 Sep: Dear adventurers, maintenance for the patch will be delayed for a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to have it up as soon as possible.

It's that time of the month once more, with tons of merrymaking and feasting ahead. Read more about the upcoming patch details here:

Isle of Dreams: Fireworks Show

Event Period:

Sep 3rd, 0500 HRS - Oct 4th, 0500 HRS

Every Friday - Sunday Night at 1900 HRS - 2100 HRS

(Sep 3rd, Sep 4th, Sep 5th

Sep 10th, Sep 11th, Sep 12th

Sep 17th, Sep 18th, Sep 19th

Sep 24th, Sep 25th, Sep 26th

Oct 1st, Oct 2nd, Oct 3rd)

Dreamy Gospel 16 Sep - 16 Oct Limited edition costumes at 10x rate

In a land of eternal sunshine and spotless minds, the Dreamy Gospel instills feelings of bonding with your brothers and sisters. Clasp your hands together, tilt your heads skywards, and let a heavenly radiance overwhelm you with this month's limited edition costume gacha.

Heavenly Sonata Sep exclusive headwear gacha 1 Sep - 1 Oct

The sounds of an ethereal saxophone fill your ears, playing a heavenly Lydian melody as cascading legato strings fill the cup of silence with the wine of the Heavenly Sonata. Get all the details of this month's headwear gacha here: 

Vibrant Orientation

As the adventurers of Midgard head back to school following their summer of fun, a Vibrant Orientation awaits newcomers with all new events and rewards. Put on your thinking cap and get all the details here:

23 Aug 2021 Notes

Isle of Dreams comes absolutely packed with enough content for a new lifetime of adventures. Before it arrives on 23 Aug, get the full rundown of all the details in these patch notes:

Beach Fashion 16 Aug - 16 Sep Limited edition costumes at 10x rate

Ride the summer out like a true champion of the surf and sand with the Beach Fashion costume Gacha! 

6v6 S7 Top Guilds

Thanks to all who participated in 6v6 Season 7! The top performing Guilds will be gifted a unique 6v6 S7 Top Guilds Facebook Profile Picture frame, which will be sent to your Guild Leaders for sharing. Here are the top performing Guilds:


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - Isle of Dreams will launch on 23 Aug! Pre-Register now on TapTap an you'll unlock the exclusive ultra-rare Rainbow Light Steed and Purified Baseball Hat. Head over here to learn more:

Seaside Story Aug Limited Headwear Gacha

Scrunch your toes in the sand, relax, and sip your Poring-flavored margarita as you live out your Seaside Story, a limited gacha headwear set to celebrate the last vestiges of the summer.

True Love Hunting Season

The greatest hunt of all is the one to find your true love, no matter how vast the lands you must cross or how great the beasts you must slay to find it. Learn more about this month's new events in the True Love Hunting Season:

GUNSLINGER: Victory Through Firepower

There is a mysterious organization within the Republic of Schwarzwald.

Everyone within this group wears a mask and has a codename. The one they call "Tyrant" leads the organization, and everyone obeys his orders unquestioningly.

Some say he’s a bloodthirsty killer and a man-eating demon, while others say he’s a freedom-loving vigilante.

Either way, he is without a doubt the best gunman in the Republic (and according to some, the entire continent), and the one who forced the Rebellion’s surrender.

The adventurer is fated to start an extraordinary life as soon as they step onto the stage. Through some accident, they have gained the power of Grammer technology and inherited the codename ''Tyrant”.

Wielding the might of gunfire and backed by the power of Grammer technology, the gunslinger is poised to write a new chapter for the Rebellion!

The stage is set for Tyrant’s greatest performance to begin!

27Jul 2021 Patch Notes

A new Holy Ground War Season arrives in the upcoming 27 Jul patch. Read all the details below.

Go For Gold, Kendo Kid! Limited edition costumes at 10x rate

As the Olympics season gets underway, embrace your inner competitor and gear up for the Japanese swordfighting martial art, Kendo! Now awaiting you in the Go for Gold, Kendo Kid! Gacha costume series.

SummerFest 2021

Long days are staying up and partying the summer away! Next week, overload on the rewards in the RO:M Summer Fest, with double rewards at select events and a currently unannounced surprise coming soon! 

6v6 Season 7 Rewards

The next 6v6 season begins on 10 Jul, so get your elite team together for some serious competition! The victors shall receive tremendous rewards, including amazing new Sea Otter mounts.

Galactic Wanderer Jul Limited Headwear Gacha

Get cool and cosmic with intergalactic Porings, time-stopping bass guitars, and scientific shenanigans beyond the stars with the Galactic Wanderer headwear gacha set!

Story Survey


Intertwined Dreams of Light and Darkness

Intertwined Dreams of Light and Darkness

[Event Puzzle]

Event Duration:

1 Jul, 0500 HRS - August 1st, 0500 HRS

Event Details:

1. During the event, the "Event Puzzle" button will show up in the "New Event" button, tap to enter the event puzzle interface.

2. Intertwined Dreams of Light and Darkness is made up of 9 pieces of puzzle pieces corresponding to 9 event quests.

3. Participate in the event and collect the puzzle pieces. At a certain progress threshold, a special reward will be granted.


1. The event is account-limited, all the characters under the same account share completion progress.

Event Rewards:

Activating each piece of puzzle rewards Mysterious Box 2.0 x1

Activating 3 puzzle pieces: Energy Ring x4, Mora Coin x10

Activating 6 puzzle pieces: Glittering Rune Stone x3, Big Cat Voucher - Feast x30

Activating 9 puzzle pieces: Skyfire Shard - Sharp x1, Dreams Intertwined Card

27 Jun 2021 Patch Notes

Coming on 27 Jun, the next major patch includes a new 6v6 season, new Novice Supply Station and Eclage Illusionary Weapon Shop, and a huge array of optimizations, adjustments, and bugfixes. Learn more here.

Enter A Brand New World

Explore a mysterious new land and take on various quests and challenges for great rewards!

Enjoy High Level Game Content

Jump straight into the action and start slayin’! Power level with the guided Academy system, and spend more time exploring, fighting and hunting!
Ninja Class Female

New Ninja Class

Their lightning reflexes, stealth attacks and ability to summon shadow clones for combat, make them quite a formidable enemy to face!
Ninja Class Male